Sunday, November 20, 2011

Random Story About a Guy I Knew

I dated a guy once who didn't drink. He said it wasn't a problem that I liked to go to bars with my friends. This was quickly revealed to be a half-truth as his snide comments about alcohol consumption of any sort became more and more frequent. 

But that's not why I wrote him off. 

I was working shift-work at the time, and I gave him specific hours that I was available. Anything outside those hours meant that I was either at work or asleep, and sleep is very important to me as I am naturally low-energy. However, I was required to leave my phone ringer on at all times because I was on call. 

Who should call me one day while I was sleeping but this guy. I promptly, firmly, and courteously told him I'd been sleeping and would call him back later. He responded, "Sleep? Who needs sleep? You'll get all the sleep you need when you're dead!" 

I hung up on him, deleted his number from my phone, and never talked to him again. 

~The End~

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